About us
The company has been created in 1993 and its main occupation is the manufacture of drying cameras (since 1994) and dried products (since 1999). The company`s specialists have developed and adopted by their own technology cameras for different products drying:
  • Pasta products;
  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Herbs and mushrooms;
  • Cocoons;
  • Kernels;
  • Fish;
  • Wood;
  • Different Chemical Industry products.
The variety of the manufactured products includes camera and tunnel types of driers. Nowadays the consumption of tunnel drying machines is running higher because of the fact that the product drying process is comparatively flexible, dynamic and reliable. The main users of these driers are the producers of dried mushrooms.

The drying machines produced by our company are used for product drying up to a definite residual humidity and for additional drying of previously dried products such as apricots, figs, cherries, strawberries, orange peels, kiwi and lots of other sugared fruits.

GOVEDAROV ENGINEERING LTD has a great success in sales of dryig machines in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraina, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Lebanon and other countries all over the world.

We produce dried products by our own techonlogy and equipment:
  • Onions - powder, granules and wheels;
  • Leek, red peppers - entire and cut; carrots, potatoes, aubergines;
  • New soil, parsley, spinach;
  • Prunes, apples, cherries.
The company is set on its own base and is able to complete any orders by preliminary conclusion.

All the products are supported by a certificate, given by Bulgarian acreditated laboratories.
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